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Nov. 2013
Fan Page and Reviews
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What an awesome night!  These seasoned gentlemen know how to put on a show.  An incredible variety of songs ranging from The Drifters to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmy Buffett to George Jones, Guns and Roses to Bruce Springsteen, The Electric Slide to Mustang Sally, and each one was played and sang to perfection.  All of the band members in Southern Justice have amazing voices, with each one singing lead and backup at some point.  I think one of my favorites was when Denny Scott sang "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger.  However, I also loved their original song "Keep on Humming" sang by the keyboard player Byron Charles and "Walk With Me" sang by rhythm guitarist Wayne Simmons.  This band doesn't just play music, it is their passion and it shows in every note and drumbeat.  With Wayne, Byron and Denny, Jr. Peacock rocked it out on the lead guitar along with Charlie Mowrey on the drums and Danny Simmons on the bass.  They really know how to engage the audience and get them involved and what a great following they have! Their fans are as varied as their songs with ages ranging from early 20's to late 70's and each enjoyed Southern Justice as much as the other.  If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing them before, you are definitely missing out.  I will make it a point to see them again any time they are in my area.  Thank you guys for your hospitality and a wonderful show!
Tim Giovanniello - Lead Vocals / Guitars,Bill Avery - Guitars / Backing Vocals, Joe Williams - Bass / Backing Vocals
Larry Wayland - Drums.  Lipstick on a Pig rocked it out at Bonfire!  From "Folsom Prison Blues" to "Sweet Emotion", "Rock Steady" to "Pink Cadillac".  My favorites were "Band on the Run" and "She Ate It".  They packed the house with all ages of fans and everyone was on the dance floor with the drinks flowing.  I had planned on just stopping in for a few tunes but once there, I couldn't leave.  This was a Saturday night party on a Thursday night!  Catch this band when you can and if you own a bar, this band will pack the house.  I guarantee you'll re-book them immediately!
Wow, What a performance!  Almost Famous has raised the bar so high for cover bands in this area it is as if they are in a league of their own.  Precise and perfectly tuned they ripped through their set list as if each song were their own, all while honoring the originals.  Along with the lead singer, John Hatchell, Steve Steve-Guitar and Backing Vocals, Cole Hadel - Guitar, Jeff Stone - Bass and Stan Barton - Drums and Backing Vocals put on a show that you would normally expect to see in a large arena with well known already famous bands. Their sets ranged from Judas Priest to Elvis, John Mellencamp to Steppenwolf, Led Zepplin, Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Grand Funk, ZZ Top and Aerosmith with each song as tight as the next.  I have seen their acoustic trio before and was very impressed but the full band blew me away!  If you haven't booked this band yet, you need to. They are sure to fill the bar to the brim. I'm turning all of my friends onto "Almost Famous" before they lose the "Almost"!
Sweet P
This high energy, rock and roll show band packs the house as well as the dance floor! Smoothly flowing from one classic rock song to the next, they take us back to the music that we so love and miss.  Stacy, the lead vocalist gets the party started immediately and doesn't slow down the entire night.  There is nothing Wade can't play on the lead guitar.  One of the very best guitarists I've ever seen!  Tommy keeps the beat going that will make you NOT even consider getting off the dance floor!  And Scotty, the Red Bull drinkin, wide open, table hoppin base player, is the cherry on top!  If you're looking for an action packed girls night out band, you've got to see this band.  Cloud 9 FN Rocks!
Delta Rae's performance at The Double Door Inn last night, Sat. March 24 was incredible!  Not only was the house packed out, the performance was as well.  I have seen them several times and they never cease to amaze me.  Their original songs tell stories of their lives, families and experiences that everyone can relate to.  The tight harmonies are indicative of siblings who have been singing together their entire lives and their unique beats have everyone dancing.  Not only are they amazing performers, they are amazing people as well as shown when at one point, they came off of the stage and surrounded a gentleman in a wheelchair, singing a sweet melody to him as if it were his own private concert.  Mama and Daddy really raised these youngins right!  If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing them yet, you might want to catch one of their shows before the venues in which they perform become arena's and stadiums, as they have just signed a recording contract with Seymour Stein of Sire Records.  Sire Records is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Records and is best known for launching the careers of Madonna, K.D. Lang, Seal and many others.  Soon, Delta Rae will outgrow these small venues but if I know them, they will never outgrow their fans! 

Sweet P
SwampDaWamp is the real thing people!  It's time for a southern rock band to hit the scene big and hard and that's exactly what these guys do. With all original songs, there style is a unique blend of Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd,  and even ZZ top.  Easy Eddies in Huntersville was packed out with teachers, doctors, bikers, kids and dogs. Good call having it outside as indoors wouldn't have held the masses.  The sound system was perfect showcasing everyone's talents from Gig Michael's bigger than life voice to the back-up vocals with Kristie Ussery, the keyboards (Joe Boogie), the drums (David Lee), bass (Rich Basco), and the 2 lead guitarists (Keith Inman and Laney Strickland), who play off of each other with incredible passion and respect. With songs like "Fire in the Hole" and "Fat Boy Can Jam", it's no surprise to hear that they just won "Guitar Shop TV's Artist Showcase"! This band is tight and on fire.  Make sure to tell your favorite venue about SwampDaWamp and book them before these venues become too small to hold their loyal fans cuz it won't be long folks!
I had the pleasure of seeing SugarSmaxs' Karen and Mark perform at Bonfire- Indian Trail, Thursday Apr.5, for the first time.  I had no idea just what I'd been missing.  That girl's got some pipes!  Her voice sounds like a combination of Lady Antebellums' Hillary Scott and Adele.  Mark is one of the very best acoustic guitarists I have ever heard!  I haven't heard anyone use a Talk Box in a very long time and never thru an acoustic, but it was amazingly brilliant!  Their songlist was so diverse.  They went from Alanis Moressettes' "Head Over Feet" to Gun's & Roses' "Sweet Child O Mine", Soft Cells' "Tainted Love" to John Mellancamps' "Wild Nights". Songs by The Doobie Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Alice in Chains and Metallica! I was blown away at how they were able to sing such a variety of tunes and make each one flow so easily into the next.  Blown away, oh, that reminds me of their lyrics to "Should I Stay or Should I Go".  You just have to hear it for yourself. They have a very loyal following and now I see why.  If just the two of them were this good, I can't wait to see the full band!

Sweet P
I had the pleasure of seeing GalFriday Band last night at Whiskey River.  With a unique blend of country, bluegrass and southern rock, these three sisters from Matthews, NC. had everyone kickin up their boots! The vocals and harmonies were only matched by the tightness of their band mates. Performing mostly their incredibly written original songs highlighted their originality but even when singing Keith Urban’s “Hit the Ground Running?, they still managed to slap some GalFriday on it to make it their own. Great band, great vocalists, great show!
What an awesome time we had with David Michael Band and original drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Burns last night at Five Steps 2! David Michael Band was on fire and when Bob Burns joined them, the fire erupted into a blaze of glory, honor and tribute for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Bob was a kind, humble and gentle man until he got in the drum chair, then all hell broke loose with The Breeze" and several other LS classics. The crowd went absolutely wild!
Last night at Amos' Southend, I had the privilege of seeing and meeting Preacher Stone and Lynyrd Skynyrd original drummer and hall of fame inductee, Bob Burns.  Preacher Stone started the party hard and got the crowd going with their original songs, "That's Just the whiskey talkin", "Old Fashion Ass Whoopin", (my favorite) and the much played wedding song "Hand on the Bible". Just when the crowd thought it couldn't get any better, they surprised everyone by introducing Bob Burns! One man standing in front of me turned and said "Holy shit! It really is Bob Burns!" As he joined them on stage, the fans went absolutely wild! Everyone danced and sang along with "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Gimme Three Steps".  Preacher Stone rocked it out and hit every note as if they were Lynyrd Skynyrd themselves.  What a time we had! I feel bad for everyone who missed this one! If you haven't seen Preacher Stone before, this is one band you don't want to miss!
I am now a true Alien Head!  Last night at Forty Rod, I watched in awe as Alien Radio twisted through songs originally done by everyone from George Jones to Megadeth.  Never before have I seen a band so diverse. They played songs that I haven't heard or even thought about in years such as Tonic's "If You Could Only See", U2's "New Years Day", Modern English's "I Melt With You", The Knack's "My Sharona" and even spun a few Elvis tunes.  Along with the lead vocalist, Scott Adams, lead guitarist Matt Woolsey, bass player Brian Plyler and drummer Erik Todd, they put their own twist on every song and set them on fire! I am normally not easily impressed but Alien Radio blew me away! If you haven't seen them, you have no idea what you are missing.  I didn't either but now I do and I can not wait to turn my friends onto them. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome band!
I had the pleasure of seeing Perfect Strangers at Stooges Friday night.  What a fun band!   They played a mix of Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Blues and Alternative. With Jessica McCarton's lead vocals, Devin Hogan on drums, Ray Stewart on lead guitar and Eric Marder (who was also wearing a kilt!) on bass with lead and backing vocals, they had the bar hopping.  Songs from their list included, "Born on the Bayou", "Billie Jean", "Turn Me Loose", "Superman", "Red House", and "Mary Jane".  The coolest part was when Eric played the acoustic held on a stand while also playing the electric strapped to him on "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers.  I look forward to seeing their acoustic sets as well.  Fun, Fun night!

Sweet P
I was invited to see SmackDown- Godsmack Tribute Band yesterday at Inkfest. Not normally being a metal fan, I was extremely impressed.  I liked the Godsmack songs that I had heard on the radio but never expected SmackDown to really sound like them.  Was I surprised!  The band was solid and tight, energetic and exciting.  Danny B, the lead singer, nails Sully Erna.  With Johnny Cauble on guitar, Cliff Stankiewicz on bass & vocals and Jonathan Parker on drums & vocals, they have Godsmack down to a tee. With songs like "Bad Religion", "Whatever", "I Stand Alone", "Cryin Like a Bitch", "Voodoo", and "Whiskey Hangover", they have converted me. Can't say that I'm a true metal head yet but I am definitely a true SmackDown fan!  Great band, great sound, great time. .Book this band!
Sweet P
I had seen and loved SugarSmax acoustic duo but had not had the chance to see the full band until Friday night at Forty Rod.  I was blown away! With Karen Byrd- lead vocals & guitar, Mark Brown- vocals & guitar, Mickey Byrd- bass & synth guitar and Chad Gibson on drums, they really got the audience involved and their many loyal fans filled up the place dancing and singing right along. I usually list the names of songs that I enjoyed the most but in this case, there is just way too many.  I will say that Karen is an awesome vocalist and entertainer.  That girls got some pipes and she took on songs that you would never expect a female to do such as, Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" and a medley that began with "Black Magic Woman" and ended with "Baby Got Back".  They performed such an incredible variety of songs including Pink, Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, Adele, Black Crows, John Mellencamp, Tonic, Shinedown, John Meyer and so many more.  Not many vocalists can hit Ann Wilson they way that Karen did. She nailed it!  I also loved when Mark sang "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" by The Georgia Satellites.  The band was tight and tuned to perfection.  This is the kind of band that stays booked.  If you can get them in your bar, you will want them back over and over. I love the hell outta this band!  5 stars for sure!
Last night at BeanTown, I finally got to see The Smilin' Dogs.  Wow, I didn't know what I had been missing.  These guys are awesome!  This is not your typical "girls night out" band.  You've heard of "a man's man"?  Well The Smilin' Dogs are a MAN'S BAND!  and the ladies were lovin it.  Tim Brown is the bomb!  Seriously, I couldn't believe the notes that man could hit.  He nailed Robert Plant and Brian Johnson and that's not an easy thing to do.  Along with Tim, there was Shawn Love on the bass and back up vocals, Chad McPhaul on lead guitar, and Joe DeTullio on drums.  The band as a whole was as tight as any I have ever seen and their levels were perfect.  With songs like "Communication Breakdown", "Been a Long Time", "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Running with the Devil", "Ain't Talking Bout Love" and so many others, they had the place rockin!  If I owned a bar, they would be booked on a regular basis.  Make a point to go see this band.  You will be a true fan.  I'm turning all of my friends onto "The Smilin' Dogs".  I can't wait to see them again.
Sweet P
Saturday night, I had the pleasure of being invited to see “Nantucket? at Amos’.  I had not seen them since I was a teenager and I really didn’t expect them to compare to the band they were back then.  Was I completely surprised!  These guys are like fine wine, they aged to perfection!  I actually think they are even better now!  The band members today consist of Tommy Redd, Larry Uzzell, Mike Uzzell, Eddie Blair, Jason Patterson, Ronnie Waters and they were all on fire!  Every instrument, including the brass, was as tight live as on the CD’s, and all of the vocals and harmonies were spot-on!  The well deserving Nantucket was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame on October 11, 2012 and have received numerous awards since the release of their biggest hit “Heartbreaker? in 1978.  You would never know how successful they are by their demeanor.  They are just good, down to earth, considerate southern gentlemen.  I wish I had the space to list all of the songs, old and new, they performed but let me just say, Amos’ was packed with devoted fans, old and new, drinking, dancing and singing right along with every word!  Go to their website www.nantucketband.com to see the list of CD's available.  Venues, if you want a packed house and an unforgettable performance, BOOK NANTUCKET!  I cannot wait to see these guys again!

Sweet P
I was invited to visit a venue by John and Tanya Troxell, the owners of Boneyard Tavern in Monroe.  This is now my very favorite place to hang out!  It is a very large tavern with the largest outdoor patio in this area that includes not only a huge bar but an outdoor stage as well as an indoor one.  The atmosphere was fun, happy, energetic and responsible.  The service was fast and friendly and they were staffed properly.  The drinks were ice cold and the food was good and hot.  They were genuinely happy to serve us and appreciated our business, unlike some other places where you feel like you are bothering the server or bartender when you ask for something.  They set the tone for the customers as well.  Everyone was having a great time laughing, drinking, dancing to "Alien Radio" and socializing.  Friday nights are always bike nights and I look forward to going back as soon as possible.  And girls, you have to check out the "Ladies Room"!  You won't believe you're in a bar.  Thank you Boneyard Tavern for supporting local artists.
Sweet P
I went to see Joe Davis at the Saloon on April 3.  I can't begin to tell you what a diverse artist he is.  With his infamous blue jean overalls and hair pulled back in a pony tail, he began with an acoustic set just wetting our tongues for what was to come.  His lyrics told stories that brought you completely into his life.  It was as if he opened the door and welcomed you into his home.  Then, the band came up on stage! A power trio with Joe Davis, Wes Johnson and Keith Anderson.  Joe's  Les Paul Custom replaced the acoustic and the hair came down!  His unique blend of Southern Rock and Metal is unparalleled by any other.  With original songs like Brink of Disaster, Freedom, Swamp Woman, Light in the Dark, Gonna Take a Miracle, and one of my favorites "Red Neck Stomp" music written by Keith Inman, he showcased his songwriting abilities along with his incredible mastery of the guitar.  He then threw in a couple of cover songs such as "White Room", which is not a song that you hear very often but is one that I and the crowd loved and sang every word along with him.  If you haven't seen Joe Davis before, you're in for a huge treat!  I recommend him wholeheartedly and can't wait to see him again.  He is one that I would travel to see again!  I, personally have never been a big metalhead but thanks to Joe, I have seen the "Light In The Dark" !!!  Book this band!  You will be blown away!
Sweet P